Bee Vacuum For Sale!

“Colorado Bee Vac” Has to be the best Bee Vacuum on the market today!

Bee Vacuum

Full Vacuum with box, vacuum and hose.

Large capacity of a hive body super, Mann Lake Premium Select lumber, for a catch box. Twice the holding capacity of most of the bee vacuums being sold today.


Deep Catch Box

Superior ventilation with a full hardwire screen top to help keep your bees from over heating during transportation.


Medium Catch Box

Can add additional catch boxes for really large hive extractions in excess of 8-10 lbs. of bees or catching multiple swarms in a single day.

Medium and Large Box

Medium and Large Box

Changing from one catch box to the next is simply a matter of setting the vacuum head on top of the next box in line and connecting the hose.  The 1.75 hp modified shop vacuum head, with a 10′ power cord, is capable of vacuuming bees using a 10′(included), 20′, or 30′ hose.  Vacuum suction is adjusted with a simple twist of the valve on the vacuum.

Vacuum Top

Vacuum Top

Emptying the catch box is simply a matter of setting the box of bees on top of your prepared hive super and pulling the bottom out.  Leave the box on top of the prepared hive overnight and come back in the morning and pick up your empty catch box.

Bees in boxes in their new home.

Bees in boxes in their new home.

If you are in a hurry (or the bees have not co-operated by migrating into the prepared hive super overnight) and you only have the one catch box you can slap the catch box on the bee hive super box and knock the bees down.  The bees are more upset with the quick empty method but it allows you to empty the box so you can go out and catch that next swarm of bees.  Three swarms or one good extraction pays for the vacuum and you will have the best bee vacuum on the market for several years of service.

One year warranty from the date of purchase on the vacuum top/head.  Return the non working unit and we will replace it with a new one for free (does not include shipping cost).  Two years of doing extractions we have not had a vacuum head fail yet, so we are secure in the reliability of the vacuum.  Replacement warranty does not include abuse such as dropping, crushing, or water damage to the unit.

Order one today on Ebay!

Order one today on Amazon!

Order directly from Guy and save a few dollars!


  1. Kathleen says:

    On November 18,2016 we removed a feral colony from a cavity in a cedar tree. We waited to receive our bee vac before attempting this as we are in Canada and therefore it was not the best time of year. The tree was coming down due to subdivision development so options were limited. The bee vacuum paid for itself first time out. We were able to gently suck the bees off the comb and from the cavity as we opened the front of the tree. It made cutting comb clean and simple, bees were not crushed, it was impressively easy. Because of the cold I had the receiving super placed over a 2″ spacer that contained a hot water bottle-this gave us time to work the cavity while allowing the bees to stay warm.
    Super happy with the bee vac. If you want to see our pictures go to :
    Thanks Guy- you’ve built a great product !

  2. Michele says:

    You ship to hawaii

  3. Kevin says:

    What kind of hose do you use with the vac? Is it smooth on the inside?

  4. Karen Cornwell says:

    Found them. Bought one. Looking forward to catching a cutout and avoiding the bee rodeo transferring them from a bucket to a box. What a mess.

  5. Karen Cornwell says:

    Interested in the bee vac. Couldn’t find them on ebay. How much?

  6. susie kowalczyk says:

    HI, Do the bee vacs come in an 8 frame size?

  7. Scott says:

    I would like to also mention, I would never do a job inside of a house without this vac. You can capture most of the bees from the colony and then clean them up on the window when they go to the light. Had to do a removal from a ceiling and the vac made that job possible. I’m in around Pittsburgh, Pa.

  8. Scott says:

    3rd Job in about a week with honeybees with the vac. Reduces the amount of lingering bees greatly and traps the clusters of bees that would otherwise hamper removal. I’m very pleased with the vac. Bees seem to do quite well in the vac. Some die, probably from squishing them by accident with the tip of the hose attachment. Queen usually runs and on two of the jobs, I found her in the last little cluster of bees and was able to capture her and bypass the vac. Allows me to band combs easily since I can clean the bees off of them quickly.

  9. Bob says:

    I have been using this bee vacuum for two years now and love them. In my opinion they are the best system out there. If you do a lot of removals or use them for swarm captures I recommend buying an extra box they are very nice to have and help when you run into those huge jobs.

  10. Mike says:

    Do you ship to canada? JP highly recommends this vac 🙂

  11. Ron Chess says:

    I purchased my Coloardo bee vac last week and used it on a removal today and want to let you know how happy I am with it, I is so nice to vac up the bees in the box and not vac them up in the container and put them in the box and lose half of the bees.

    Thanks A happy customer

  12. David A. Fernandes says:

    I am looking for something like this …you don’t have a listed price that I could see I made a home made one but it wasn’t to this caliber and want to see how much

    • Anndee says:

      David – Take a look at the ebay listing for details. They sell for about $250 plus shipping. They are also listed on Amazon as well as buying direct. Thanks for asking!

  13. jim hilton says:

    where can I buy one? beside ebay

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